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If you come home or wake up to a “squish” in your carpet you are going to have a couple questions. One of the first that will cross your mind is do I need a water damage restoration company or can this be handled by a professional carpet cleaning company?
The answer to that question is typically how much water extraction is needed. If there is only a small area that has not affected walls or other materials a simple carpet drying job might be in order. However if an abundance of water has found it’s way in to your home you will need a flood clean up service to help with the water removal.

In the case you need a water damage clean up service there are some important factors that you might need to know. There are different techniques for water damage repair. Many companies only focus trying to dry wet carpet. A true flood restoration company will focus on all the materials in your home and will not only concentrate on carpet drying. When contacting a water extraction service be prepared to tell them what happened to your home so they can properly diagnose which is the best course of action in providing you with flood assistance.

One more of the major questions that might run across your mind is what does water damage restoration cost. There are quite a few variables that come in to play. There is the size of the water damage and what type and materials it has affected. Pricing of water damage also is geared around what type and how much drying equipment is needed to complete the water damage extraction. Most flood restoration companies use a industry standard pricing structure called exactimate. There are a few different other programs but exactimate is the standard. It is an agreed upon pricing structure between water damage companies and insurance companies. The pricing structure deals with what types of activities were needed to dry your home It asks how many fans were used along with how many dehumidifiers. It also asks things like what type of water extraction was performed and how many square feet were effected. So it is very difficult to give a proper water damage cost estimate without seeing the job and having a knowledge of what types of material were damaged.

One of the main questions I get about water damage is “What happens if I don’t do anything and try to let it dry on it’s own?” Luckily in Arizona we have a drier climate and we typically do not struggle with moisture issues. But when a flood occurs it will seep in to all the materials that is touches and if they stay wet for a few days then you have the possibility of developing mold in your home. The best way to avoid water damage mold is to have the water removed as quick as possible and your home professionally dried to make sure no lingering water can cause issues. Leaving materials wet in your home allows for a stale water smell to enter your home and can allow mold spores to begin to take hold. The first place mold will typically grow is on the back of your drywall and will begin to spread from there.

Carpet Medic is a 24 hour water damage restoration service company based in Mesa AZ and providing service for all of Maricopa county and parts of Pinal County. We have water damage technicians on call and ready to speed to your assistance. Carpet Medic has helped hundreds of homeowners here in the valley dry their homes and save their valuables. If you have any type of water damage issue in your home and need flood assistance please call us anytime day or night.

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