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The upholstery in your home takes just as much abuse as your carpet ever will. We sit, eat and sweat on our furniture and often forget that upholstery cleaning is important too. The stains are typically a little different from upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning typically deals with more food and body oil related stains instead of the dirts and oils that stain carpet.

One of the first things that is important to understand when hiring upholstery cleaners is what type of material will you need cleaned. Couches and chairs are made from many different types of fabric. Stain removal from upholstery can vary depending on what each fiber is made of and what it’s absorption rate is. For instance Microfiber cleaning is much different than regular upholstery fabric cleaning, so stain removal from Upholstery is different and needs more attention to detail than regular carpet cleaning.

Upholstery steam cleaning is approved for most fabric types. Upholstery cleaners usually charge by the liner foot or by the piece being cleaned. So a sofa cleaning will be charged at a different rate than a sectional cleaning if given as piece work, but should generally follow a set pricing chart. Some fabrics in furniture cleaning need to be dry cleaned only, but those can be identified by the cleaning professional in your home.

When scheduling your couch and loveseat cleaning it is important to know what types of stains might be encountered during the washing process. Pet odor removal from upholstery is one that is a concern and will take additional steps to get cleaned. Your chosen upholstery cleaners will need to made aware of the pet urine issues before the couch cleaning process begins so that they may properly treat the stain and the odor for removal. So know that microfiber sofa cleaning is going to be a little more involved and will need a little extra time than just regular upholstery.

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