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If you got here from Google looking for A Gilbert Carpet Cleaner the first thing in your mind right now is probably… Holy Cow there are a lot of carpet cleaners in Gilbert!

Your second thought is probably how in the world do I make an informed decision about who cleans my carpet with so many choices and prices! Clearly choosing from a website that says they are the best or one showing glossy pictures of carpet cleaning is not the way to go. If that does not work what does?

Those are the questions we get most often when a Gilbert homeowner is looking for a great carpet cleaning company. So here are the best answers I have come up with in my over 20 years as a carpet cleaner.

Ask specific questions.

Know what you want done and know to the best of your ability the measurements. Ask who will be coming to your house, and how long they have been cleaning carpets. Ask about their carpet cleaning machine. I know this sounds weird because you will have no idea what he says, but if he can not tell you about his cleaning machine in detail that would be a red flag for me.

Don’t just pick your carpet cleaning professional on price alone. There are a lot of pricing games and gimmicks used in our industry and if you see a deal that looks amazing….. believe me it won’t be! Run from those types of ads because you are not getting a carpet cleaner, you are getting a professional salesman that is more interested in selling you products and potions than they are about cleaning the carpet.

Pick a local carpet cleaner. When looking online there are a lot of “lead sites” and national chains that sub out their work to the lowest bidder. If it looks to glossy it probably is a national site that will send you whoever bid the lowest and fastest that day to get work. (Another red flag!) Look for someone who is in your community and loves the area. You are their neighbor and they will typically care about you and your home much more plus their reputation is at stake, and that is an important factor.

Look at a companies reviews. See how they have treated their customers in the past. No company is perfect but seeing how other customers have rated their service will give you an idea as to how they might deal with you.

Gilbert Arizona is one of the best places in the world to live

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